Bottle crates

Bottle crates whether for beer, soft drinks or water promote efficiency in the filling area, in storage and during transport. 

Bottle crates are reusable containers which contribute to environmental protection with their lifespan of over 10 years. All our crate designs fulfil the highest demands of our international customers. They can be manufactured in new material or recycled material..

Our design section lets customer specific needs influence the development to reach an optimal result for the customer. Moldflow analysis and finite elements tests in the design phase guarantee stability and durability of the crates

PET- Trays

In the PET trays sector Plamatec AG is licensee of the South African company MCG Industries. With PET Tray System there is light weight packing for PET bottles. With full bottles the trays are stackable for transport or display in the shop, when empty they are stackable and therefore space and cost saving in large numbers.

The trays are available in the current sizes:

6x2 Ltr.Rimload
6x2 Ltr.Rimload
12x1 Ltr.Rimload
12x1 Ltr.Rimload
12x500 ml rimload
12x500 ml rimload

Bottle Tops

Plamatec has at its disposal a range of patented bottle top designs for drinks containing CO2 and still drinks for PET or glass bottles. We happily advise you in the choice of a suitable bottle top.

Profit from our know how, from the design of the bottle top to the manufacture of the injection mould to the starting of your production or the consultation relating to your production equipment.

Our bottle tops are approved by Pepsi Cola, the patented with guarantee band HDPE.

Our bottle tops are approved by Pepsi Cola, the patented guarantee band also has the approval of Coca Cola.


Foldable vegetable crates FUTURA

The engineers at Plamatec AG developed the foldable fruit and vegetable crates and were previously involved in the development of foldable crates of the current world market leader in this area. They this know how in the design of FUTURA.

The crates are available in all normal sizes and are compatible with the current brands in the market.



Palettes are the basis of package freight logistics-therefore it is the means for the transport, the distribution or the storage of nearly allproducts. Worldwide plastic palettes are still small in number but they are quickly increasing due to legislation. In addition their lifespan is significantly longer than wooden palettes which also works out very positively in terms of cost. 

Plamatec AG has a small selection of single and multi use palettes, above all for the drinks industry, which they always promote. We also work together with our clients for the appropriate solution.


Plamatec AG also likes building designs for customers to their own specifications, for example: :